Sparrowhawk Sandburg

(1) "Sparrowhawk Sandburg series" (Sentinel)

By Besterette
Reviewed by Kathryn A on 30th July 2000 (6)

This series of stories (no, I can't remember all the titles right now) about Blair Sandburg's half-sister, Sparrowhawk Rainbow Sandburg (aka Beau), is okay. I don't really buy the Consort thing (being a conservative person who will readily point out that even the term "Guide" isn't strictly canonical, and therefore tossing in other Titles besides Sentinel and Guide may perhaps be going a bit far) but, anyway, it's enjoyable enough. Actually, my favourite is the WWII Drabbles because of the nifty ideas of the origins of a few things, like the Golden Fire People etc. And I like Sandburg's grandmother (whom we see in Mimsy's Wedding!)