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Seems Far From Home, Seems Farther From You (Doctor Who/Stargate Atlantis)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 10th December 2007 (9)
Tags: Short Story, Crossover, AU
Characters: Martha Jones

After the year that wasn't, Martha tries to move on with her life.

Magnificent. This works so well. The way she can't be how she was before she met the Doctor, before the year that wasn't, how it's been ground into her bones. Bittersweet, but life goes on, even when one is burnt out.

Quote: Real fruit was almost holy, and she spent an hour on the basket of oranges, licking the juice off her fingers.

Or this:
    They were transported in during an emergency, the type of emergency that was usually all screams and shattering glass, blood on the floor.
    It didn't count as a flashback if she was still living it.