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By Sun and Candlelight (Narnia)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 9th December 2008 (13)
Tags: Short Story, Post-Series
Characters: Susan Pevensie

Summary: You remember bright-fletched arrows and how it felt to pull them back against a well-strung bow.

Susan after "The Last Battle". No great dramas, just lovely and gentle and lyrical.

The Gray (Stargate)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 10th December 2007 (12)
Tags: Novelette

SG-1 are in the familiar position of encountering a civilization where technology masquerades as magic. They're in for a surprise when they attempt to find out who is hiding the technology and why.

This one is mainly from Sam's point of view, though it has good characterisation of all the team.

It feels like an episode, and you'll be lulled into thinking that it's the usual episode-y kind of thing, where they find an evil lurking goa'uld and kick butt. But it's not what you think, and the moral dilemma stakes get upped in a most excellent and thought-provoking way. Really, really good.

Overheard in the ICU (Stargate/House)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 30th March 2008 (10)
Tags: Short Story, Crossover
Characters: Daniel Jackson, Janet Fraiser, Gregory House

Summary:Daniel has a crazy alien infection... in New Jersey. Guess who his doctor is.

I'd forgotten about this fic until I was recently reminded of it. Janet Fraiser and Gregory House arguing over Daniel's bedside; it's just so much fun with the snark-o-meter going into overload.