"Who Am I?" (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 1st October 2001 (20)

As is no surprise from the title, this is a Blair-amnesia story. Though I don't quite believe the cause of the amnesia, once we get past that, this rolls along swimmingly, sort of one misadventure after another for Blair, and a one-step-behind collection for the Major Crimes folks (with the amusing recurring motif of more than one detective having the same clue-idea at the same time, and meeting each other unexpectedly). Aristotle was a delightful guest character (so I'm rather annoyed at what happened to him in the end...). There were touches of fanon (Blair has nightmares, Sentinel-Guide connection, Blair's heartbeat), but there were also a couple of good original ideas. And some entertainingly typical interactions:
    "Now, Jim, did you go home as ordered?"
    "Yes, Sir," Jim replied without irony.
    "Did you sleep?"
    "Yes, Sir."
    Simon gave him an appraising look. "Did you go out and continue the investigation last night?"
    "Yes, Sir."
    Simon sighed with mild exasperation. "Did you learn anything?" he asked, deciding to forgo any lecture.