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Hiding in Plain Sight (Doctor Who)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 21st May 2009 (12)
Tags: Novelette

Summary: There's no such thing as a quiet life when you're Defender of the Earth. But some things can still take your breath away.

I liked this. The opening was so classically creepy, it was like an Old Skool adventure. But no, this is the parallel universe, and Torchwood is on the job. Rose Tyler and Mickey Smith, doing their bit. And then Rose meets someone she doesn't expect. Someone impossible.

I like how the author captured the voices of the characters we know, even when they aren't quite the characters we know.

The ending felt a bit rushed; I would have liked more details, especially more from the point of view of the characters who weren't Rose. But it still made me smile.

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