Allen Driskill

Heads Up (X-Files/Highlander)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 17th April 2002 (1)
Tags: Novel

This story has been sitting on my hard drive for years; now I've finally gotten around to reading it. This is a nice solid read; the tone is just a straight X-File investigation, where witnesses are canvassed, evidence gathered, wild theories are expressed, suspicions raised, the bad guy stalks, suspects are pursued (on foot and by car), shots are fired... and we also get the lighter thread of UST and the continuing question about what to do about the upcoming dinner-dance to welcome the new FBI director. This is unusual for an X-Files/Highlander crossover in that nobody dies and becomes immortal, and Those In The Know actually try to cooperate (not without misgivings and suspicion) in order to catch the killer. The pace isn't that fast, but that's okay. Two extra things I liked about this: the almost-documentary bits which introduce a few sections, which soberly tell us the history of the FBI, and the bit near the end, where we actually get to read Scully's creative field report (and not just the usual few paragraphs thereof).

Addendum: One little black mark, though; Methos behaves out of character. He tells the whole truth to a couple of complete strangers. Sometimes it would be nice if authors could give him a few outrageous lies to tell...

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