Johanna C.A. Fally

Checklist (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 25th October 2001 (3)

Having enjoyed "Home Alone" so much, I thought I'd check out what else this author had written, and found this. And enjoyed myself again. This is somewhere to the left of the Sandburg Zone, but fun, full of blasé quips, and, of course, the checklists. I liked the Jim point-of-view bits especially, but there were lots of good bits from all over. Over the top, but fun.
    "Blair, this is Simon."
    _Uh Oh._
    Sandburg went from 'slightly pissed' to 'pretty anxious' in two seconds flat. He knew this tone of voice. Worse, Simon never called him 'Blair' unless something was seriously wrong. And that could only mean...
    "Simon? What happened? Where's Jim? Oh, man, he's hurt, isn't he? How bad is it? Shit, I shouldn't have let him go on that stakeout without me. I should have known. Where are you? Which hospital? C'mon Simon, talk to me!"
    "Sandburg, would you just stop babbling for a minute? I'm trying to tell you that Jim..."
    "He's alive, isn't he? Please, please, tell me that he's alive! Oh man, what did they do to him? Why didn't he call me?"

Not to mention that Blair here is the most blase' kidnappee alive... (grin)

Home Alone (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 24th October 2001 (1)

This story came highly (or should that be numerously) recommended, and hooray, because I enjoyed myself. This story was fun. It wasn't probable, but it was fun. Not that I'm saying it was silly, just... improbable in a fanon sort of way. Ah, but there were so many good/funny moments, from the opening with a frantic Blair trying to make sure Jim remembers everything before Blair goes away, to Jim driving the bullpen crazy because he's chained to a desk with Blair away -- and then of course Naomi gets into the picture... did I mention this was fun?
    He could hear her rummaging around while he was in the shower, could feel the vibrations when she started to move his furniture. Every screech of wood against wood made him flinch, every thump made him shiver. Had he really longed for a little chaos? What had gotten into him? And which sick deity had decided to grant him his wish? He wanted his Guide, dammit, not his Guide's mother, no matter how charming she was! He wanted things to be normal according to Sentinel standards!

Of course, "normal" in this odd sort of universe is... very eventful.