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A Study in Magic (Harry Potter/Sherlock Holmes)

Reviewed by Kathryn Andersen on 8th April 2015 (1)
Tags: Novella, Crossover, Adventure, First Year, Adoption, Worldbuilding, Manipulative Dumbledore, AU Divergent Timeline
Characters: Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Albus Dumbledore
(130K, 45097 words)

Summary: When Albus Dumbledore shows up at Baker Street with strange demands and baby-filled picnic baskets, Sherlock Holmes is less than thrilled. Featuring Detective!Harry, Competent!Quirrell, and the world's only private consulting detective. No slash.

Yes, another story which wonders how things might have been different if Harry had been brought up by someone else; in this case, Sherlock Holmes. Despite the 20th Century setting, this Holmes is based on the Jeremy Brett version of Holmes, not the Benedict Cumberbatch version. Nature versus nurture? This Harry is brought up to be a superb detective - tested almost to destruction by the very thorough and ever-curious Holmes, with a leavening of kindness from Dr. Watson. But this isn't a super!Harry, because he's a superb detective with hardly any social skills.

This is really very well done, with its extracts from Dr. Watson's journal, and the cold brilliance of Holmes, the tenacity of Harry, and that's just the start. Featuring a determined Neville Longbottom, a flabbergasted Hermione, a manipulative Dumbledore, and an absolutely brilliant non-possessed Quirrell.