Jane Mailander

"One Hundred Minutes of Solitude" (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 10th April 2001 (2)
Zine: ?Sentry Duty
Issue: 2

On the recommendation of Dominique and and Kimberley, I read this story, even though I'm not so keen on stories that go full haul on Shaman!Blair with hardly a peek out of Jim. But, well, as the summary said, "Blair saves his own ass" and that's always worth seeing! Especially considering the number of stories out there where it seems like Blair has "I am a victim, kidnap me" metaphorically stuck on his back.
    How often had he lectured Jim on establishing control of one's own innate abilities?
    Blair wasn't helpless; he had choices. He turned them over in his mind.

The symbolism here is way cool, though I may not agree with all the philosophy, that's okay. And I liked how it ended, though I could see it coming.