• Brave New World (Harry Potter) by Theatresm
    When Miranda Hunter's Muggleborn nephew receives his first Hogwarts letter, Albus Dumbledore offers Miranda the Muggle Studies position. BNW explores how a Muggle might view and adjust to life in the Wizarding World. Three Books: Book One PG-13 and GoF-canon compliant, Books Two and Three AU and increasing to R with NC-17 interludes. Snape/OC. Adventure/Mystery/Romance.
  • Outgeniused (or: How to Get Fired From the Apple Store in Three Easy Steps) (Doctor Who) by Casira
    Kate Stowe's seen a lot of strange problems come up at the Genius Bar, but this one qualifies as the strangest she's seen yet... Presenting a bit of shameless insanity, featuring the Doctor, a race of aliens with quite inconvenient taste, and several unorthodox ways to break your iPod's warranty. (In other words: crackfic ahead!)
  • In Shining Armour (Harry Potter) by CoffeeOnThePatio
    Snape's only saving the unborn child of a strange woman. He never signed up for having his house invaded and a stranger and her child caring for him after the snake bite. Rated M for language only.

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