(1) Too Good To Be True (Stargate)

By DonSample
Reviewed by Kathryn A on 18th December 2005 (3)
Tags: Novelette

P3G-823 seemed to be a perfect world: nice climate, no Goa’uld, no current occupants. So what had happened to SG-12?

This is a prequel to "Misunderstandings", but it can stand on its own, since the main connection between this story and that one is that it explains why SG-1 considered it so very urgent to investigate the situation in "Misunderstandings".

This is a good straight SF-adventure story; a mystery to be solved, a deadly danger to overcome -- or not.

(2) Misunderstandings (Buffy/Stargate)

By DonSample
Reviewed by Kathryn A on 20th June 2004 (1)
Tags: Novella

This is one delicious crossover adventure, a classic horror scenario (Mysterious Ancient Death on Isolated Island), where both lots of characters think they really know what is going on, and that the other lot really ought to get lost before they land in something bigger than they can handle... and they then proceed to astonish each other with how well they handle it.

I liked all the little touches, like how Giles mentions the Gould as extra-dimensional snake-like demons that take hosts; or the way Major Davis rings up when he finds out that Daniel wanted a security check on Dr. Giles; how Daniel and Giles dance around each other trying to find out the locations of ancient documents; and basically how everyone keeps on lying to each other, while the other party is clever enough to know that they're being lied to, but not daring to call them on it, for fear of being called on their own feeble cover stories...

rubs hands in glee

Note that on the "Twisting the Hellmouth" site, the last chapter has two versions, which are essentially the same, except for the way the scenes are edited together. I personally prefer the first version.