K L Morgan

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A Forfeit of Dreams (Labyrinth)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 11th September 2005 (5)
Tags: Novel

The first time I read this, I stayed up until 3am in order to finish it; I just couldn't stop. This is a sequel to "Labyrinth"; Sarah is a grown woman now, in college, when she finds she has to challenge the Labyrinth again, to rescue someone else. This time she has more to lose. And as she has changed, so has the Labyrinth; there are different wonders and terrors in store. But with old friends and new ones, it should be a piece of cake -- shouldn't it?

This really got the spirit of the movie, beautiful, bright and dark, imaginative. It got the characters well; though this is a darker shade of Jareth, he's still a possible Jareth. One thing that rather puzzled me after I sat back and thought about it: I really don't understand why this Sarah would be in love with this Jareth, because he is a darker Jareth. So I also found part of the end a bit hard to believe. But apart from that, this is just wonderful; full of wonders indeed.