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Boys Night Out (Buffy)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 2nd May 2004 (3)
Tags: Novelette

This may or may not be in the same universe as A Raising in the Sun, but it doesn't really matter. As the title implies, this story concentrates on "the boys" -- Spike and Xander. Thoughtful stuff, and quippage, and shared adversity. Also some Buffy - Spike UST.

Most of Spike's plans, Xander reflected, boiled down to 'let's get 'em!' Which was fine if you were as fast and strong and impervious to damage as Spike was, but it left something to be desired otherwise. Or considering that Spike had a propensity to employ said plans against creatures who were just as fast and strong and impervious as he was, if not moreso, maybe it left something to be desired regardless.

Raising In the Sun

(1) A Raising In the Sun (Buffy)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 2nd May 2004 (2)
Tags: Novel

My thanks to Mistral for recommending this to me. Summary:"My take on Buffy's return from the dead. The Scooby Gang discovers Magnus Bryce's plan to Raise Buffy using the Scroll of Aberjian, and the race is on to stop him--but Willow has other ideas..."

This is an alternative universe post-"Gift" story, which really did a much better job of getting Buffy back than what happened on the show, with considering the cost of magic and its consequences, and what Willow and others would be willing to do, or not willing to do.

Only read this if you like Spike or are willing to be persuaded. The interpretation of his character and soulishness is not quite how I see him, but it is sympathetic and interesting nonetheless, and I was caught up in the story anyway.

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