(1) The Haunting (Sentinel)

By D L Witherspoon
Reviewed by Kathryn A on 27th February 2000 (1)
Tags: Novelette

First story in the Supernatural series. This is one-step-beyond, but cool. There was a bit of an info-dump near the start, but it flowed smoothly from then on. Certainly the opening paragraphs pulled you in, and the haunting was... haunting.

(2) Speaking For the Dead (Sentinel/Homicide: Life on the Streets)

By D L Witherspoon
Reviewed by Kathryn A on 28th February 2000 (2)
Tags: Novelette

The second in the Supernatural series, and the fourth in the Baltimore sequence. I think I would have gotten more out of it if I'd actually read the two earlier Baltimore stories first, because there were a couple of references to them, and I missed the nuances. This one was good again. Jim the suffering, Jim the just, and Blair the downright protective!

(3) Extreme Possibilities (Sentinel/X-Files)

By D L Witherspoon
Reviewed by Kathryn A on 28th February 2000 (7)

The third in the Supernatural series. I didn't like this one as much as the previous two, partly because the resolution battered my suspension-of-disbelief (too Deus-ex-machina) and partly because I was expecting something else, and looking forward to what I didn't get. That said, there were some cute and memorable scenes, particularly Jim's talk with Mulder.

(4) Dark Journey (Sentinel/Kung Fu: The Legend Continues)

By D L Witherspoon
Reviewed by Kathryn A on 12th March 2000 (2)

The fourth in the Supernatural series. Not as good as I would have expected from this author. The Nameless Evil was a bit of a cliche, but I found the KFTLC stuff easier to follow than in other crossovers I've seen. All the insightful character conversations were probably the real purpose of the story anyway! And the cryptic Shaolin remarks and the Ancient were fun.

(5) Circle (Sentinel/X-Files)

By D L Witherspoon
Reviewed by Kathryn A on 3rd July 2000

A sequel to Extreme Possibilities so I suppose that makes it the fourth or fifth in the Supernatural series, though I'm not sure if its timeline is supposed to slot in with the following Gates of Hell series or not. If so, then we've got two lots of people with hidden agendas and great hopes regarding Our Sentinel. Possibly too many conspiracies (of completely different kinds) to cope with. Or perhaps not. Depends on whether Aliens and Demons are considered to be allowed to exist in the same universe. Whether or not that is the case, I liked this story better than Extreme Possibilities. The plot worked better, and this had a very X-Files-ish feel, full of paranoia and conspiracies. There were some great interactions. Jim and Blair get to be very wise, in the person-to-person department. Parallels drawn between Jim & Blair and Mulder & Scully. (And there was, on the lighter side, the hilarious "street value" scene...) Jim gets to angst and brood, Blair gets to be supportive... all in all, good.

Addendum: nominated for favourite crossover story in the 2001 Cascade Times Awards.