Times Riddle

(1) Who We Are (Harry Potter)

By Persephone Kore
Reviewed by Kathryn A on 23rd May 2011 (4)
Tags: Novelette, AU, Redemption
Characters: Harry Potter, Tom Riddle
(81K, 13719 words)

Summary: Voldemort makes an electrifying return, and Harry talks the illustrative illusion of a young Tom Riddle into reality - and into supplanting his older self. Also involves a loyal snake, an unwontedly animate frog, and Quidditch.

An intriguing story, in which the turn of the world can depend on the turn of a word. Very character-driven. We are left with a beginning, which means it's just as well that this is the first in a series. I love the potential for this, because I love redemption stories, and this is definitely Tom Riddle's redemption.