Allan Woodward

Promise (Highlander/X-Files)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 7th October 2001 (4)

Mulder and Scully investigate the decapitation of an FBI agent, and get caught at the edges of very dangerous Game. This story is very good; vividly painted, and understated. It is full of tension and action, told clearly from both series' point of view -- Mulder & Scully seeking answers, investigating a crime; Duncan trying to protect innocents from an evil immortal he's not sure he can beat.
    "A serial murderer?"
    Mulder shrugged. "Possibly. There isn't always a body. But that could just mean that no one ever found it. Besides that, our killer would have to be pretty old by now."
    "That doesn't mean anything," Scully said. The words surprised her. Unbidden a memory of Eugene Victor Tooms leaped into her mind's eye. Watching Mulder crawl under a shopping mall escalator. Tooms' bloody death. She snapped back to the now. "At least--"
    "I know," Mulder said.
    Nothing more was said about that. They didn't talk about Tooms.