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Forgiven (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 18th March 2002 (4)
Tags: Vignette

This is set at some indeterminate point in the future, though definitely after SenToo. This story, short though it is, packs a punch. Take heed of the hankie warning. It manages not to be soppy, though. Good.

Hazard (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 8th September 2002 (1)
Tags: Short Story

Here's a Sentinel AU where the guys meet in a different way, and AU in another way too (well, some might argue that Blair being an empath isn't AU, but I consider it to be.) Am I a sucker for this kind of story or what? I loved the "conversation" by the river; I think it worked very well. But the story is too short! We only get a taste of what might be, in this universe. The character dynamics between the two of them are going to be different, because Jim's situation was very different, and because Jimmy is closer to Blair in age.

Hunted (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 5th August 2000 (13)
Tags: Novelette

That was very good. I particularly liked how, even in the midst of the hunt, each of them had little pangs of worry about the other. I loved the clever things Blair did. And the setup was believable - no need for evil bad-guy brainwashing or anything over the top like that. Whew.

Addendum: nominated for favourite alternate universe story, 2001 Cascade Times Awards.

Jimmy (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 17th April 2001 (2)

Summary: Jim has a chance to relive his childhood.

The summary says "Jim has a chance to relive his childhood." Well, yes, but not in the way I expected. This was a good story. I wasn't sure if it would work, but it did, and it was worth it all for the last scene. I just loved the care and affirmation that was going on between Blair and Jim. Not soppy-smarmy, just... good. And the way that Jim was, and what he called Blair... (Kathryn stops for fear of spoilers) Whee!

The Memo (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 6th March 2003 (1)
Tags: Vignette

This is a fun little mostly-dialogue piece which plays on a common bit of fanon (which bit I shall not say, for fear of spoilers).

Motion of Discovery (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 24th March 2002 (1)
Tags: Short Story

This was a wrenching story. One watches, mesmerized, as the story unfolds, wondering to oneself if one believes it, and telling oneself to wait and see. This was very good; everyone was in character (remember, this is a Jim soon after Murder 101; not all that supportive of Blair). From the opening onwards, one is pulled in. Of course, I would hate it if there wasn't a hopeful ending, but there was, so that's good.

The Reason For It All (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 6th November 2000
Tags: Missing Scene
Characters: Blair Sandburg

This was good. Blair in hospital after being shot in "Survivors" is feeling down, cataloguing all the reasons why the roller-coaster ride is likely coming to an end; his own feeling of uselessness not the least. And then, so unexpected it's breathtaking, he has demonstrated to him the reason why he's still sticking around. Blair-angst that I can believe, topped by affirmation. I liked it.

Through Another's Eyes (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 5th August 2000 (12)
Tags: Unusual POV

Blair though another's eyes. This was fun. Never underestimate the power of a departmental secretary! This was nice, but not too nicey. I particularly liked the High Priestess bit at the start.

Time On His Hands (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 17th April 2001 (1)

This one is a nice change -- Blair showing his perceptive and compassionate side to... Simon! And there's some lovely turns of phrase here too:
    He graces me with a smile that could solve all of California's energy problems if someone could only figure out a way to harness it.


(1) Birthright (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 24th March 2002 (2)
Tags: Novelette

Well, I had this story spoiled for me; I already knew what it was about, but in the end that didn't matter; it was seeing the way it came out, came about, and how everyone reacted, that made it worth reading. This seemed a bit more plausible to me than other renderings of this idea, I think partly because we got to see some insights into William Ellison and why he did what he did. It also rang more true to me because everything wasn't hunky-dory; some classic misunderstanding added some angst and drama (but not too much, or it would have been over the top!). And I loved the sleepy scene!

(2) Secrets (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 24th March 2002 (3)
Tags: Short Story

Aw shucks. This is the sequel to "Birthright"; Blair's first one-on-one with Steven after the events of Birthright. This was nice; a little smarm, a little drama, a little subterfuge.

(3) Misunderstandings (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 18th May 2002 (4)
Tags: Short Story

When I saw that the next story in the "Birthright" series had come out, I pounced on it. Ah this was fun. Whee! There were two things I really liked; one was just the fun with the rumour-mill, and the other was the outcome of the story, which gets me battering on the author's door saying "When's the next one?"

Where Are They Now?

Finding The Path (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 12th August 2001 (8)

This one is a sort of prequel to "Where Are They Now?" in that it explains an incident in Blair's past which was referred to in passing in that story. Unfortunately the author's note at the front kinda spoiled it for me, since it already told you what the story was going to be about, and what the dramatic bit was! Still, it was nicely written, drawing you in without telling you everything at once. Some good little young-Blairisms, like Was it technically running away from home when your mom knew where you were going? Oh, and angst, mustn't forget the angst...

(1) Where Are They Now? (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 31st December 2000
Tags: Novelette

With the author's injunction not to take this seriously, I didn't. And therefore I enjoyed this fun piece of speculation, taking it in the spirit of fancy in which it was proposed. Well, we drool over Blair, don't we? So why not imagine that he might have been a pop star? It ends with some nice warm fuzzies, which make one go Awww.

Addendum: joint winner of favourite humour story in the 2001 Cascade Times Awards.

(2) Where Are They Going? (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 1st January 2003 (6)
Tags: Novella

This story is a sequel to "Where Are They Now?" and what an amazing story it is too. Now, for the first few pages I was scratching my head as to when this was set and what was going on, so I'll just put you out of your misery by saying that it's actually set around the time of TSbyBS, but, as will become clear, it's AU. But that isn't to say that avoiding one disaster means that they avoid others. There is heartache and angst, insight, burned bridges, and built bridges -- not to mention really cool die-hard-like adventure in the midst also! In the midst of the Sandburg Zone, that is. If I told you the plot, nay, if I told you the end, you would never believe it, but this author pulls it off with panache. Whee!