(1) Teacher's Pet (Buffy/Highlander)

By Carole2
Reviewed by Kathryn A on 27th April 2002 (2)
Tags: Novelette, Crossover, AU
Characters: Methos, Buffy Summers

I found this story thanks to the huge Buffy/Highlander crossover listing at, which lists everything James Fox could find (but at least the crap is warned as such). This story is an alternative version of the Buffy episode "Teacher's Pet" (which was the 4th episode in the series!) with the addition of Adam Pierson to the Buffyverse -- he gets assigned to the "Slayer Division" of the Watchers after the events of the Highlander episodes _One Minute to Midnight_ and _Judgement Day_.

This story was good, as far as it went. But in one sense, it didn't go far enough. Things happen basically the same way as they do in the original Buffy episode, but it's the slight places that were different that were interesting, the bits I was paying attention to, the ones with Adam Pierson in them. I like the way all that was treated -- subtley, with people not knowing everything, and jumping to wrong conclusions. Unfortunately it left me frustrated, because there are important things left hanging, and one is waiting, impatiently, for these tidbits to bear fruit. Unfortunately, looking at the author's page (rather than where I found the story on it seems this series is on indefinite hold. Though actually I now find I should be grateful, because also looking at the author's page I find that the series was apparently destined to become slash, which means I avoid the frustration of seeing something I liked turn into something I can't bear.