Black Panther Productions

(523) "Depths of Evil (CVT-523)" (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 3rd December 2000 (7)

I have mixed feelings about this one. There is some good senses stuff, some lovely banter between the guys in lots of spots, but the plot didn't grab me. It just felt like a random evil psycho of the week, and Blair raving on about it being a pseudo-Satanic cult rather than a Satanic cult just seemed to be trivializing it, though having him write the article for the department was good.
    "What with Blair's cold and my working on a case, neither of us has felt like doing a grocery run," Jim admitted. "Tell you what. As soon as Sleeping Beauty over there wakes up, we'll do a big Saturday breakfast out."
    "Try to kiss me, Prince Charming, and I'll be forced to slug you," came a muffled voice from the direction of the couch.
    "Then get your ass up off that couch, Princess, before I'm forced to do it. Your mom and I are hungry!" Jim winked at Naomi as he stealthily crossed the room and flung the covers off his half-awake partner, shouting, "Kiss! Kiss!"
    Blair leapt off the couch with a surprised yelp and dashed into his room. "Jeez, man, give a fella a chance to at least get his eyes open before you start threatening to kiss him!"