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  • (1) What Country, Friends, Is This? by TARDIS Stowaway
    Post-Doomsday, Rose still runs for her life. One night she runs into someone she never expected to see again. Problem #1: It's hard to have a blissful reunion with someone who has never met you. Problem #2: A Nine from the universe where Rose Tyler was never born is bound to have some unresolved issues.
  • (2) Danger Shall Seem Sport by TARDIS Stowaway
    Rose and her alternate universe's Doctor should really leave the adventure archeology to Indiana Jones. Exploring a ruined temple, they find unfinished business from the Time War that puts them in mortal peril in a basement (of course).
  • (3) Vent Thy Folly Somewhere Else by TARDIS Stowaway
    Rose takes the parallel Doctor home to meet the family. Mistaken identity complicates everything as Mickey gets angry, Pete gets something off his chest, and Jackie talks about tree-sitting. Third in the Illyria series.
  • (4) Such Disguise by TARDIS Stowaway
    A visit to a misogynistic planet requires Rose to make a little extra preparation in the wardrobe room, including a fake mustache.

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