"Libraries and Graveyards" (Buffy/Highlander)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 26th February 2003 (2)

This is a nifty little story set firmly within the storylines of both series -- well, it's quite clear when it was set from the Highlander point of view, but the Buffyverse setting isn't precise, not that it matters. The cool thing is that it's actually a crossover that's plausible, that ties in well and doesn't require things to turn AU (not that I mind AUs, but it's kind of exciting when someone manages to do a crossover that's more than a vigniette, between universes where the usual crossovers are AU) This has got some nice snappy dialogue and allusions to other events which you might miss if you don't know the particular episodes. Cool stuff.

"More Than It's Worth" (Highlander)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 4th March 2003

This is a fun and cute story, told mainly from the point of view of Mary, Anne's daughter (being of a "little girl" age rather than a "little baby" age). I like stories that give you a different PoV, and yes, I do think this one works. It also features Methos ("Uncle Adam") so what more could I ask for?