Fighting Shadows

(1) Three Pound Eight Ounce Warrior (Highlander)

By Teresa C
Reviewed by Kathryn A on 31st March 2003 (11)
Tags: Short Story

This is set just after "Archangel", and proposes a very interesting turn of events regarding what might have happened to Methos after Richie's death; why he was nowhere to be seen for the rest of the Archangel-Avatar-Armageddon sequence. It also has a delightful cat's-eye view of what is going on.

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(2) Get Well Soon (Highlander)

By Teresa C
Reviewed by Kathryn A on 31st March 2003 (12)
Tags: Novella

This is plonked into the middle of the Archangel-Avatar-Armageddon sequence, during the time when Duncan is off in Tibet and nobody knows where he is. The summary says: "After Archangel, Connor is looking for his missing kinsman. Joe is trying to stay out of Connor's way, and just what is Methos doing?" Poor Joe is caught in the middle of a dangerous game, with Connor threatening him, Methos being extremely cryptic and behaving rather oddly, and then there's John Kirin... Very good Connor, Methos and Joe; with confusion, misunderstanding (some of it hilarious, and some of it near-disastrous), tension, angst and anger. We get to see some little insights into Watcher ways, oh, and there's fighting too (grin).
    "It's unlocked," said a sibilant accent to his right. "You should go on in."
    Joe snatched his hand back and looked over into the malevolent gaze of the sneaker-clad man who appeared around the side of the cabin. A shiver went through the Watcher as he tried to hide his recognition of the immortal. Not MacLeod. Uh, not _Duncan_ MacLeod.
    "Oh, I ... didn't know ..." Joe fumbled. "I was looking for ..." He faltered again. He found his thoughts were numbed by the foolish shock of a fan meeting a celebrity. This was, this was ... Connor MacLeod! In the flesh. Looking as real and solid as the grocer. But not as friendly, Joe managed to observe. The immortal wore his reputation like a mantle of office, whether he knew it or not. Paranoid, volatile, _dangerous_. Connor MacLeod. Shit.

I like the double meaning of the title. "Free cryptic" indeed!

It would be nice if Methos could actually explain what he'd been doing; next story please!

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