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  • Grim Dawn (Harry Potter) by Robin4
    Prior to Harry's third year, he leaves the Dursleys, desperate to escape. But before the Knight Bus can stumble upon him, he encounters someone far different, and his world begins to change.
  • Untitled Snow White Fanfic (Snow White) by Singingrain5
    An AU fic in which the dwarfs did arrive in time to save Snow White, but were unable to capture the Queen. Grumpy and Snow deal with the aftermath.
  • The Essence of Sunset (Harry Potter) by Shefa
    My chambers are dark, lit only by the glow of the midnight moon. The castle creaks with rawness of stone and antiquity of magic, filled with the power welling up from beneath the mountain and the fire of intention fuelled by our four vibrant streams of magic, combined. It is nearly impossible to recognise this expanse of land from just six months ago: pristine grasses as far as the eye could see, cresting on a tidal wave of green, the shadow of grey stone a skeleton underneath. A spider's web holding together an enterprise that, tonight, feels like folly. I had expected to feel exultant.

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