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Interference Patterns (Stargate/Quantum Leap)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 6th December 2003 (5)
Tags: Novelette, Crossover, Adventure
Characters: Sam Beckett, Samantha Carter

This story opens like this:

Blue light shot through him, catapulted him into a new world, and dissipated outward. For an instant he was a mote of awareness with no name, no identity, no purpose, until light and being released him into a new life.
    He found his balance and opened his eyes, but the light hadn't dissipated. It floated in a gleaming circle in front of him: meters and meters of rippling light, trapped but not tamed. He gaped, and whispered, "Oh, boy."

Now, that's a good way of opening a story. This was one of this year's nominees in the Stargate Fan Fiction Awards, and I read it just after attempting to read one of the other Quantum Leap crossovers there, which began with an info-dump and failed to keep my attention thereafter. This story was much better, with good suspicious reactions on the parts of our SG heroes, and a reason for the Leap which fit so well, and yet wasn't obvious until it was revealed. Cool.

And I like the title. It has resonance.