(1) Sick and Tired (Sentinel)

By DCStreets
Reviewed by Kathryn A on 12th August 2001 (5)
Tags: Novelette

I read this partly because someone recommended it, and then because the "Sick" series (of which this is the first story) was nominated for the Cascade Times Awards 2001. I liked this! We had an interesting senses problem -- manifesting itself by unexpected zone-outs (very plausible). Good Jim and Blair, nice first-person Jim, and some absolutely laugh-out-loud moments.

(2) Sick Of It (Sentinel)

By DCStreets
Reviewed by Kathryn A on 12th August 2001 (6)
Tags: Novelette

This is the second story in the "Sick" series. This one makes a few more references to Sentinel Too so I assume it's all set very soon after that. Megan gets a good part in this, too. More interesting thoughts about Jim's senses, and about Jim's feelings... and more great lines.
    [Blair on the phone]"Look, it's a huge imposition, but would you tell Simon that we've still got a problem -- I mean, unless you can learn to ignore this for a while?"
    Remembering the 'almost-squished', I shake my head.
    "He can't hear the rattle, Ellison." Connor grins at me, and on the other side of town, Blair laughs.
    At least I'm spreading joy.

(3) Sleeping Sickness (Sentinel)

By DCStreets
Reviewed by Kathryn A on 22nd December 2001 (1)

This is a short addition to the "Sick" series, which opens:
    There are a million stories in the naked city.
    And I can hear every

A mixture of the dark and the fluffy follows, and then some companionable smarm when Blair comes on the scene. This was just an all-round... nice, anecdoty, caring little incident.

Here's another lovely quote:
    He has a sort of Victorian-architecture approach to life: if it's bare, decorate it; if it's empty, fill it. Like a gas, he expands to fit any container: if Nature abhors a vacuum, she must adore Sandburg.