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Destinies Entwined (Sentinel/Kung Fu: The Legend Continues)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 23rd June 2000 (2)
Tags: Novella

This was okay, but maybe I just don't get KF:TLC - I haven't yet found a crossover with this that I really liked. There seemed to be a lot of sitting around waiting in this one. It seemed strangely unfocused (a bit like Blair's mind?). Even if people instantly trusting Caine is status-quo, I found it hard to accept, particularly with someone like Jim.

This story was nominated in the 2000 & 2001 Cascade Times Awards in the crossover category.

Episodes of Synchronicity (Sentinel/Crow/X-Files/Early Edition)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 30th May 2000 (1)

This starts with a good opening, and continues on from there. Good story. The by-play between Eric and Sarah seemed right to me (from someone who only saw the movie and not the series). The style flows. The misunderstanding about the gay thing was funny. And the EE touch was fun. I had a few quibbles (which are spoilers, so I'll keep mum) but they weren't enough to spoil it. Good story.

Explosive Consequences (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 26th August 2000 (8)

The author declares this to be a Mary-Sue story, but the lady in question didn't come across as too perfect, or even as a BOTW. Or maybe the author's declaration disarmed any accusations one might make, and made one more disposed to romantic inclinations. I was certainly sympathetic enough to wish that there was a sequel -- with a happy ending. The story was built up gradually, and there were even a few surprises - and I like surprises.

Firestorm (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 30th July 2000 (17)
Tags: Novelette

Pretty good. Action-packed. Blair's nightmare about the nurse was cool. And Jim's flashbacks were scarily angsty.

This story was nominated in the 2000 Cascade Times Awards in the "it could have been an episode" category.

Recovery (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 30th August 2000 (2)

A post-"Sentinel Too (part 1)" story, which is, naturally, AU. This was good. Uncertainties, emotional explosions, conflict, choices, regrets, second chances. And cool mystical stuff.

This story was nominated in the 2000 & 2001 Cascade Times Awards in the "best epilogue" category.

Two West to Waikiki (Sentinel/One West Waikiki)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 1st June 2000

Good story. I like the initial bristling (and downright suspicion, on Jim's part) between Jim & Blair and Mack - a nice change from the usual get-on-like-a-house-on-fire thing that often happens between sets of good guys in crossovers. Good point about Jim not having a tan (something that other OWW crossovers I've read don't seem to mention). A mild but reasonable plot, good characterisation, and some fun amusing bits.
    Jim smiled. "You're suggesting we crash their little party?"
    "I'm just a wild and headstrong kind of guy," Blair replied humbly. "What do you think?"

Nice relaxed epilogue - not too smarmy, just peaceful.

Faux Paws Productions

(517) Deal's Way (FPP-518) (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 21st August 2000 (5)

A pretty good sequel to The Real Deal, with some good lines. Loved the bit about wandering into the shot. And...

"It's out of our hands, sir," Blair said. "The FBI, the IRS, and other mysterious letters of the Federal alphabet have pretty much taken over the case."

Of Shadows and Demons

(1) Of Shadows and Demons (Sentinel/Buffy)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 30th May 2000 (2)
Tags: Novella

Good build-up at the start. Only one problem, I didn't think that Sunnydale was damp (but that's just a minor quibble). I like the "I can't believe this" reactions from Jim. I like the character stuff with Blair and Jim! (And they get the Sunnydale folks right too) This is good stuff! Better than Laura Picken's "Blessed Protector". Good plot ideas, good writing. The chilling bit where Jim is captured, the twists of the non-trivial danger, and the ways they over come it. And some fun lines:
    She grabbed Blair in a hug that drove the breath from him. "Blair, why haven't I been getting postcards from strange, South American sites that all have names starting with a hawking noise?"
    "Did you get a wiggins?"
    "A what?"
    "A freaky feeling, a sense of impending doom, something fishy, something nasty, evil, vile, cursed, wicked, henious, depraved, foul, supernatural - have I touched on it yet?"

Definitely worth reading.

(2) Consumed by the Fire (Sentinel/Buffy)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 29th October 2001 (1)

This short interlude is a follow-up to "Of Shadows and Demons", and it begins very spookily and scarily, and one is staring transfixed, hoping that this isn't happening... and I can't say more for fear of spoilers. It's chilling, and then turns to a very character-insightful thing, and I can't say more than that. It won't make sense unless you've read the previous story, though.

Remote Control

(1) Remote Control (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 26th August 2000 (3)

This story has a warning at the top of it. Heed it. I read the story anyway, even though I don't like torture, but I was warned. However, that aside, the characterisation was very good, especially Jim. The plot wasn't an OTT cliche. I liked the senses clues that Jim followed, and the odd kind of zone that Jim had was intriguing.

(2) Interlude 1 - White Zone (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 26th August 2000 (4)

I'm not really sure of the positioning of this story in the series. It is set a month after Remote Control, which means, if you really want to read them chronologically, it should be set after Splinters, but the author lists it second. This is a vignette, a necessary conversation. I'm still intrigued by that 3D zone, would like to see more.

(3) Blind Sided (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 26th August 2000 (5)

This follows on almost immediately after Remote Control and shows both Jim and Blair's reaction, the aftermath of the previous story. This was well done; emotional shock, more jeopardy, realizations and affirmation. Not to mention a little touch of otherness.

(4) Splinters (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 26th August 2000 (6)

This follows on very soon after Blind Sided. The end was too rushed (and therefore made unbelievable) but otherwise it was good; the bad guys were scarily efficient, but Jim and Blair managed to be clever too. At this point, this series has become AU. If the author wishes to write more of it, that is...