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"Sentinels, Telepaths and Guides... oh My!" (Sentinel/Poltergeist the Legacy)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 13th August 2000 (1)

I don't know anything about PtL, so I'm at a disadvantage crossovers with it, but that hasn't stopped me reading them. I liked the plot of this, the way it developed, the way that both Jim and Cade were (figuratively) sniffing around each other knowing that the other was "odd". I liked the clever resolution of the climax, and the dreams and premonitions that happened earlier on. However, stylewise, it could use a little polish; some of the dialogue felt a bit stilted to me, but I'm not sure how to improve it.

"Thoughts of Home" (X-Files/Stargate)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 1st October 2001 (8)

"Far away from home, Samantha marks the birthday of her brother by thinking of home." An alternative-universe version of Samantha's fate, a nice first-person story. Perhaps too nice -- Samantha here doesn't have that maturity-through-suffering feel that I would have expected of someone snatched from their home, experimented on, and rescued by another group who are still not her people -- no matter how pleasant things are now, the past would have had an effect. But knowing this author, I guess I shouldn't be surprised; she has a tendency to write relentlessly nice stories. And I really do want to find out what happens next -- the whole scenario is just... too deliciously ironic for words, I have got to see how Mulder reacts...