Slytherin Harry

A Harry Potter alternative universe story in which Harry is sorted into Slytherin (rather than Gryffindor), or becomes a member of Slytherin House in some other way.

  • Better Be Slytherin! (Harry Potter) by Jharad17
    As a first year, Harry is sorted into Slytherin instead of Gryffindor, and no one is more surprised than his new Head of House. Snape mentors Harry fic.
  • Nobody Cared (Harry Potter) by Etherian
    11 yr old Harry misses the Hogwarts Express. Snape is sent to find out why. What he finds changes any preconceived notions he might have had about the Boy-Who-Lived. AU, manipulative!Dumbledore, DE's, Voldy, but no horcruxes.

Year Like None Other