Night Eagle

(1) Night Eagle (Sentinel)

By Donna Gentry
Reviewed by Kathryn A on 22nd March 2000

What if Blair and Jim had been born in the days of the Wild West? This one is a parallel universe story that works. Jim is a rancher, Blair is a half-breed, brought up as a shaman, but also remembering the days when he lived in the white man's world. This was good. This Blair is both more and less sure of himself, more spiritually focused, but with more reason to expect rejection from Jim's world. Jim is Jim - skeptical, tough, and fair. I like the way that they both had trouble accepting the Guardian-Guide thing. I would like to see more of this universe.

Addendum: this series was nominated in the "favourite alternate universe series" in the 2001 Cascade Times Awards.

(2) Night Eagle: Homecoming (Sentinel)

By Donna Gentry
Reviewed by Kathryn A on 23rd April 2001
Tags: Novel

Ah, what a long, juicy story! This is the sequel to the AU (parallel universe) story "Night Eagle" which set Jim and Blair in the time and place of the Wild West. Read that one first. Someone suggested that one should watch a Western before reading this, and I agree, it's a good idea, gets you into the mood. And then settle down for a nice long read. I stayed up until 2am reading this, I just couldn't stop. Yes, there's a touch of fanon (the heartbeat thing). And there are some things that I could see coming a mile off. But there were other parts that were worth following through, like the thing with Rafe (yes, other of our supporting cast are there -- Simon, Daryl, Rafe, Henri... and Steven gets a mention). The youthful curiosity of Daryl was fun. And the thing with Blair and the books (wistful sigh). So many times in this story, people keep on stumbling over their assumptions. Blair, Jim, Simon, Rafe... It was cool how Jim here kept on doing what he thinks is right, and then kept on finding that things aren't that simple.

Addendum: Winner of the 2001 Burton for favourite alternate universe story. (Cascade Times Awards)