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Pain and Magic (House/Harry Potter)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 2nd October 2005 (1)
Tags: Short Story

Let us start with a quote:
    House stopped walking. "Cameron," he said, "this is possibly the most boring case you have ever brought before me. A cranky old man with problems controlling his bladder and arthritis. Call in the frickin' cavalry."
    "And he thinks he's a wizard."
    House scrunched up his face. "What?"
    "He thinks he's a wizard." Cameron held out the folder again.
    House snatched it from her. "Okay. I'll admit it, you're getting better at this." With that, he limped away, one hand on his cane and the other clinging to the patient's file.

This was fun. Now that I've watched most of Season 1 of House, (and I've tracked down the story, which was a challenge) I can say that, yes, this is in character for House, the others... and a suitably irritable Snape. It works. It maketh me grin, just thinking about it.