Nan Smith

Four Days to Nightfall (Lois & Clark)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 7th May 2003 (6)
Tags: Novel

This is yet another AU variation on the episode "All Shook Up" (where Superman tackles the Nightfall asteroid and loses his memory). In this universe, while Clark had intentions of going to Metropolis, he hadn't actually got there yet; there is no "Superman", and he had never met Lois. And yet fate decrees that Lois Lane is the one who finds the amnesiac... I like the way that Lois shines as an investigator here, and how Clark's inherent niceness shines through his amnesia. Also shades of "Unbreakable" as amnesiac Clark of course doesn't know that he's "super"...

This won the Best Alternate Universe/Elseworlds Story in the 2003 Kerth Awards. It also won "Best Series" with its sequel, "Teamwork".