Fan Fiction

"Shakespeare wrote fan fiction."

Fabulous Fiction

Fan fiction is fiction written by fans of some TV show, movie (or, rarely, book), based on said fictional universe. A fanzine is an amateur magazine produced by fans. A webzine is a fanzine on the web.

If you are looking for fan fiction reviews, you need to go to the Net-Fic reviews page. This set of pages is a mixture of essays on fan fiction, and fan fiction itself. Note that this is a mixture of mainly prose and poetry, not just stories (and some is original work, not actually fan fiction).

Please note: authors crave feedback. Please send. If an author here doesn't have an email address (not everyone has), then send mail to The Archivist, Kathryn A and I'll pass the comments on.

Erudite Essays

These live on their own page.

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