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Where No Mutant Has Gone Before (The Split Infinitive Remix) (X-Men/Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 22nd May 2004 (4)
Tags: Short Story

I've been dipping into the RemixRedux stories as I participated in it, so had an interest in seeing what others had done. A "Remix" challenge is where someone takes a story by another participant, and rewrites it in their own style, shortening or lengthening or changing PoV or twisting it around. In this case, the original was the drabble, "To Go Boldly" by Andraste, where Charles Xavier finds himself having swapped bodies with Captain Picard.

In this expansion, we don't get just the punchline, but the whole story, so to speak. Actually, we don't get the whole story, quite, because the expansion reveals complications which demand a companion story in order to complete the tale. Will we get it? Well, it doesn't hurt to ask.