Elizabeth Clarke

Author at http://angelfire.com/me3/rivendell/.

Undivided Universe (Sentinel)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 7th October 2000 (1)

This "series" is very frustrating, because it isn't actually a series. It is one story, and it's unfinished. Each "story" is really just a chapter in an ongoing plot. No part of it stands on its own, and the whole thing doesn't even stand up -- yet. But the reason it is so frustrating is that what there is of it is really quite engaging. I really want to find out what happens next. This explores the fallout of TSbyBS, and shows multiple ways that Sandburg's repudiation won't fly. Compound this with some overheard conversations, misunderstandings and attempts at communication which get thwarted, we've got some good angst and soul-searching on both Jim and Blair's part. The various different chapters from different characters' point of view gives this a broader base than just Jim and Blair. We also have a plot, goodness me, and complications. And hints of resolution, beacons of hope, and unexpected allies.

I wanna find out what happens next! Waaaaah!

I advise nobody to read it if, like me, you get driven crazy by unfinished stories. The last update on the site was in February, so God only knows if and when the rest of it will be done.