Never Throw Your Life Away (Buffy/Highlander)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 26th February 2003 (3)
Tags: Novella

This is set some point after "Graduation Part 2" in the Buffyverse, and some point after the "Comes a Horseman" and "Revelations 6.8" episodes of Highlander. Cast your mind back: Cordelia is in LA, Xander still thinks about her, Buffy is still in love with Angel; MacLeod has reconciled himself to Methos' past, Cassandra... well, you'll have to see. This is a well-strung-together plot, with things I liked to see, consequences and complications; suspicions, misunderstandings and mistakes; angst and guilt and hopeful endings. We've got Buffy and Angel, we've got Xander being responsible, we've got Duncan MacLeod being a boy scout and dragging Methos along with him, we've got Methos with issues, we've got Cassandra with issues, we've got nightmares, we've got plans going awry, and interesting parallels.

On the slightly downside, Cassandra wasn't handled quite as well as I might have liked, but actually a lot better than some. The nightmares at the beginning were good, and while I was afraid this was going to be a psycho-bitch portrayal, it managed to just steer clear of that. Unfortunately we missed what was going through her mind at the end, because so much else was going on. I was also puzzled since she kept on being described as having black hair, and I'm sure her hair was brown.