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Death and Betrayal (Harry Potter/Highlander)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 31st August 2005 (1)
Tags: Novella

The summary says "Methos takes a young Severus Snape under his wing." Thanks to the rec by vpatrician at that I found this story (and hence this author).

This crossover has lots of goodness, not least all the things it doesn't do. It doesn't make anyone immortal. It doesn't make anyone a wizard. And, halelujah, Methos doesn't go and tell his life story, or even his real name. I love the Methos in this; enigmatic, mythic, and completely pragmatic.
    Methos knew himself to be the oldest living person on Earth as well as a character in many of the worlds religions. He tried to tell himself and others that he was just a guy, but he knew that he was also a symbol.

I wasn't so happy with the characterisation of Dumbledore, he felt a bit off, but maybe that's just because this Dumbledore is necessarily (due to the plot) less all-knowing than the one we know from Harry's point of view.

Definitely worth reading if you like Methos and/or Snape.

Escape Route (Stargate/Highlander)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 21st May 2009 (19)
Tags: Short Story, Crossover
Characters: Daniel Jackson, Methos

Summary: Daniel Jackson remembers some advice his old college roommate, Adam, once gave him.

The idea that Daniel Jackson and Adam Pierson were college roommates is not a new one at all, but the strength of this story is in the telling; layers of characterisation and images, things that stick in the mind.

Icarus (Harry Potter)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 16th September 2010 (9)
Tags: Novelette, AU, Angst, Spy
Characters: Hermione Granger, Tom Riddle

Summary: Some successes are only measured in how long you last before falling. Hermione writes a letter and begins a relationship.

This is fascinating. So very well put together: you can see Hermione going into this mad scheme with her eyes open, knowing it is mad, but doing it anyway; sad and terrible, mad and seductive, and at the end, a chill down one's spine.

Lara Croft and the Knowledge of the Ancients (Lara Croft/Highlander)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 31st August 2005 (2)
Tags: Short Story

"Shoot first, ask questions later" is frequently a bad plan. That summary was enough to get me to start reading, and I shall reveal no more to you, gentle reader, except to say that I loved the irony of this; or should I say, poetic justice?

The Nemesis Condition (Harry Potter/Buffy)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 29th August 2005 (1)
Tags: Short Story

Summary: If only Harry Potter can defeat Voldemort, what do the Scoobies do when they find him first?

This is a piece of pure fun, with perfectly babbly Willow and a rather bemused collection of people at Hogwarts.

A Square Peg in a Round Hole (Stargate/Highlander)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 21st May 2009 (20)
Tags: Novella

Summary: Methos was just spending a year as a highschool teacher; Jake O'Neil was just trying to be someone other than Jack O'Neill; neither are simple individuals.

I came across this first when it was still unfinished, so while I noted the premise as intriguing, I didn't read more than the first chapter. Then I went away and forgot about it. So I was very pleased to stumble across it again and find that it was finished.

I love this story; it started off well, and kept on getting better and better.

Jake O'Neil is caught between what he was and what he will be; adrift and alone, because what was his home does not belong to him any longer, and he has not yet made a new home for himself. Then there's Methos, observant and intrigued, who observes and deduces too much. I love the friendship that develops between them; how Methos is cunning and manipulative, but also someone who misses comradeship; how Jake is not stupid or immature, how he reads Methos better than anyone else.

There's also lots of little things to like here: how this reminds us that Teal'c is from an alien culture; interesting stuff about quickenings; Daniel Jackson being a smart cookie.

What Dreams May Come (Inception/Highlander)

Reviewed by Kathryn Andersen on 28th January 2015 (3)
Tags: Short Story, Crossover
Characters: Eames, Methos
(7K, 2235 words)

Summary: Methos' mind is not one you'd want to be stuck in, aka the one where the inception team attempts extraction on Adam Pierson.

Wonderfully chilling. Methos' mind is indeed somewhere you would not want to be stuck in.