Doctor Who (10)

Road To Shalka

  • (1) Born Again by Soldeed
    An aged Doctor is living in comfortable retirement in 19th Century England. But when a new alien menace rears its head, will he still have what it takes to save the day?
  • (2) Old Friends by Soldeed
    Jasmine is starting to have second thoughts about setting off across the universe with this strange new Doctor. But she'll soon have other things on her mind.
  • (3) Skypigs by Soldeed
    Agrathus is paradise. Who could hate it so much they want to destroy its whole history?
  • (4) The End of the World by Soldeed
    With a beloved friend to save and enemies old and new to fight, the Doctor will call upon all his skills and ingenuity. But can he still win if fate itself seems to conspire against him?
  • (5) Out of the Dark by Soldeed
    Jasmine is gone. But with a new companion at his side and the Master at his back, the Doctor may yet have the chance of a happy ending.

Silver and Gold