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"Uneasy Alliance" (Sentinel/Stargate)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 21st May 2002 (1)

This is really a personality story; Jim and Blair and Daniel and Jack, interacting, or failing to interact, under conditions of confusion, adversity, stress, and relaxation. Ah, what a romp! No need for aliens to whump Danny, there's enough home-grown hazards in Chicago. But it isn't all hurt for our two trouble magnets, some bits are just... fun.
    "And I'd guess this is Jim?"
    "Oh, yeah, man, sorry. Jim, this is Daniel Jackson. He's my friend from a long time ago. I haven't seen him in ages. He's an archaelololgist... an archaelogispist, he studies old things. And he's a linglist... a lungwist... he knows lots of languages."
    Jack muttered something about Daniel not speaking Drunkese right before Daniel collapsed in laughter. Okay, so maybe he does.