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The Legacy (Doctor Who/Torchwood)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 30th March 2008 (12)
Tags: Novella

Summary: Sequel to the Big Finish audio story 'The Gathering'. Features Tegan Jovanka, the Fifth Doctor, and the Torchwood crew. Tegan discovers that it's not as easy to put the Doctor back in his box as she thought.

I love the way this ties in with and ties up loose ends of canon, both TV canon, and of course the canon of the Big Finish stories this is related to. I re-listened to "The Gathering" before I read this, so I can't tell how well this would stand on its own if you haven't listened to it (or "The Reaping" and "The Harvest" which are the other BF stories in this linked set of stories). There were a couple of continuity niggles that I probably wouldn't have spotted if I hadn't had "The Gathering" fresh in my mind, but they weren't enough to spoil the plot.

The Tegan here is just right; hovvering between regret and resignation, bitter and spunky and sarcastic, brave and resourceful and unintimidated. And ordinary. I'm a bit puzzled where the "Tegan is a pilot" thing came from, though.

The Torchwood characters seem to be circa Season 1 of Torchwood; there's still the whole "Jack is mysterious" thing going on, which we, the reader, know the reasons for while the Torchwood characers don't. Jack has his own agenda, and they know he has his own agenda, but they don't know what it is. Owen is an irritating bastard who is a waste of space most of the time; which demonstrates how true to the show the characterisation is. (evil grin)

The original character Haussen was good; a grey hat, both ruthless and polite.

A puzzling note: the version I read was archived at, with a "teen" rating, but I've just found that there's also a version up at "A Teaspoon and an Open Mind" which has an "Adult" rating. I don't know what the difference between them is.

Dreaming God

(1) The Dreaming God (Doctor Who)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 10th August 2008 (11)
Tags: Short Story

Summary:It's just a dream. The Cybermen have not conquered Earth. Gallifrey still exists. It's all in his head.

It's not what you think. This story wasn't what I thought it would be; but it was deep, dark, short, sharp and dangerous.

(2) Kasterbouros (Doctor Who)

Reviewed by Kathryn A on 10th August 2008 (12)
Tags: Short Story

Summary: This is a sequel to "The Dreaming God". God is awake. Now what's he going to do?

I consider this and "The Dreaming God" to be two parts of one story, really. You have to have read the first one to make sense of this one, but this one is most very better, so mythic and poetic, yet the characters are themselves, too, shining through what they've become. I shall say no more, just read it.