Voice From The Past

Just after the events of "Spider In The Web"... The new negotiator from Futurecorp is more than he appears. Why is he being followed by a man with a tattoo? Why is Delenn disturbed by him? Is Bureau 13 involved? And will Garibaldi manage to unravel these mysteries before someone dies?

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Features Garibaldi, Talia, Delenn, a bit from Kosh, a bit from Sheridan, a bit more from Sinclair, and two guest Immortals from the series (but no Macleods). Oh, and also a cameo from Stingray.

Knowledge required: B5 episode Spider In The Web, with references to a number of other B5 episodes, but no Highlander knowledge needed.

Webmaster's Note: The suits at TriTac Games have threatened to sue me for mentioning the phrase "Bureau 13", because it is the name of one of their games..