The Mandate Of Heaven

The final Chig offensive begins - and the enemy has no intention of stopping until Earth is utterly destroyed. With their technology that's not going to be much more than a morning's work. E. Alan Wayne was quite correct - they haven't really been trying to this point. But, as events have transpired, they now have very good reason to.

The political situation on Earth is in complete turmoil. In an attempt to buy time for a full defence to be mounted, a deceitful message is prepared for transmission to the Chig. It's a mere five words long, but the A.I.s are only prepared to help ensure it is accurately translated into the Chig language, if a serious demonstration of good faith is forthcoming. Why the A.I.s? Well, would you trust the Alien Interpretation Unit? Things are so desperate on Earth that the required 'serious demonstration of good faith' is given. Choice or chance? Choice and chance? The endplay takes an unexpected turn as Elroy turns up a wildcard...