I am using ikiwiki 2.6.1.

I can't figure out the locked pages.

As an admin in preferences, I put in my Locked Pages:

index and downloads

I don't want anyone to be able to edit the front page or my downloads page.

That didn't work. I am using a different web browser as a different non-ikiwiki-admin user.

So I changed it to

/index and /downloads

That stopped me from editing the front page. It didn't say it was locked just repeatedly gave me the ikiwiki login. (How can I get it to tell me it is locked instead?)

I also tried

/index and /downloads/index

But I could still edit my downloads page.

Can someone share some hints on how to lock these two pages?

My source pages for the lock are:

source/downloads.mdwn source/index.mdwn

My webpages to lock are:

public_html/downloads/index.html public_html/index.html

So I tried again with using "or" instead of "and":

index or downloads

And that worked. I now get a message saying it is locked and cannot be edited. To me saying "lock both 'index and downloads'" made sense while now it reads like: "lock either 'index or downloads'". Maybe the PageSpec should define "and" and "or" (beyond the examples it has).

Also why did my "/index and /downloads" prevent editing the index by repeatedly showing login webpage?


I've clarified and/or in PageSpec.

I can't reproduce "/index and /downloads" causing the login webpage to be shown repeatedly. Sure you weren't having some independent issue with logging in? --?Joey

I have a page for a tag. On that page I want to list every page on my wiki that has been so tagged. Easy enough, right?

[[!inline pages="link(Categories/Ikiwiki_Plugins)" feeds=no archive=yes sort=title template=titlepage]]

(I'm using tagbase => "Categories" because I'm converting from Mediawiki)

This works beautifully in my sandbox: http://iki.u32.net/sandbox But it is totally blank on the page where I actually do want output! http://iki.u32.net/Categories/Ikiwiki_Plugins

How can I fix this? --?sabr

I don't see why that wouldn't work. Can I download the source to your wiki from somewhere to investigate? --?Joey

Should negation work with user(), with locked_pages in setup? I experimented with setting locked_pages => 'user(someuser)' and was able to edit as a different user. However, setting locked_pages => '!user(someuser)' doesn't seem to allow edits for only 'someuser' - it locks out all users.

Negation works with anything in any PageSpec. I tested the case you describe, and a negated pagespec worked for me; all users except the listed user (and except wiki admins of course) were locked out. --?Joey

It must be a local problem, then, cause I've tried it with two separate machines. Both are running the most recent release of ikiwiki in pkgsrc - 2.66. Perhaps an update to a newer version would solve the issue.

Is there a way to refer to all subpages of the current page, if the name of the current page is not known (i.e. the pagespec is used in a template)? The ./ syntax does not seem suitable for this, as

[[!map pages="./*"]]

also lists the current page and all its siblings.

I am a little lost. I want to match the start page /index.mdwn. So I use

[[!inline  pages="/index"]]

which does not work though. I also tried it in this Wiki. Just take a look at the end of the SandBox. --?PaulePanter

Unlike wikilinks, pagespecs match relative to the top of the wiki by default. So lose the "/" and it will work. --?Joey

I'd like to create a collapsable tree with a map, eg

  • top level item

    • second level item1
      • content 1
      • content 2
      • content 3
    • second level item2
    • second level item3

but I can't work out how to specify "all items at this level, and all directories at ../ and all the other directories to the root

any ideas?