Vila to Blake: I don't follow you.
        Avon         : Ah, but you do. That's the problem.

But I will not follow.
You shall not think for me
burn me up in your crusade
consumed by your idealistic madness -
not I.
Neither will I leave.
To go would be retreat
with you as victor of the field.
I will not give up to you.
Here by choice?
You leave me none.
I will do what I agree to -
contribute to the saving of our lives
(my own not least)
dissuade, as best I can,
your suicidal intents.
I have done my bit
contractual obligations fulfilled -
failure is your responsibility,
not mine.
I just live here.
You are not my leader
but I will not leave.
To depart is to lose.
I will stay until
I am free of you.

One of us must go.
But it won't be me.

-- Kathryn A