by Kathryn A

World Savers Doctor Who / Buffy ( 100 words) [2008-03-10] Buffy Summers, Tenth Doctor

Another day, another peril.

Challenge: tthdrabbles #53 "Green"

"Vinegar!" the Doctor called out as he locked the door with his sonic screwdriver.

"What about lemon juice?"

"Is it freshly squeezed?"

"I don't know!" Buffy emptied the water from a vase of flowers and poured the lemon juice in.

There was a thump at the door; a muffled voice: "I smell humans!"

"Typical," Buffy said. "We go for a wander and stumble across some pissed-off alien Mafia."

The door burst open, and Buffy threw the vase at the alien. The Slitheen exploded, spattering bits of itself everywhere.

"Ugh!" Buffy shuddered. "Demon slime, alien slime, why is it always green?"