Token Of Affection

by Kathryn A

In Truth Beauty Harry Potter / Buffy ( 100 words) [2007-02-25] Severus Snape, ?Anya Jenkins

Pre-wedding jitters. (drabble)

Challenge: tthdrabbles #52 - token

This will make no sense unless you've read "In Truth, Beauty" first.

Anya wrung her hands. "It will all go wrong!"

"No it won't."

"The wedding is in two days; that's plenty of time for disasters."

"Nothing will go wrong." Snape took one of her hands and kissed it. Then he wrapped her fingers around a tiny bottle. The liquid inside glowed like molten gold. "I brewed this for you. For a perfect day."

Her eyes widened. "Felix Felicis? That takes six months to brew!"

"I have no intention of losing you through ill-luck."

"You could take it yourself," she pointed out.

"You deserve felicity more than I do."

She kissed him.