Valentine's Day Ball (3)

by Kathryn A

In Truth Beauty Harry Potter / Buffy ( 100 words) [2010-02-15] Severus Snape, ?Anya Jenkins

Another year, another ball...

Challenge: tthdrabbles #94 - be my valentine
Disclaimer: Universes not mine. Words mine.
Notes: This is part of my "In Truth, Beauty" series, and follows on from "Valentine's Day Ball (2)".

Another year, another ball. The great hall was decorated with clouds and rainbows, and every cloud sported a cupid, complete with magical arrows.

Yet the more things changed, the more they stayed the same. Or did they?

"Out!" snarled Snape. "Twenty points from Ravenclaw! Each!"

The unfortunate seventh-years scrambled out of the grotto.

Anya came up behind him, super-soaker strapped over one shoulder. "Aw, you beat me to it! Can't I give them just one squirt?"

"I have a much better idea," he purred. He pulled Anya into the grotto. "Don't you..." he kissed her, "...agree..." another kiss, "...Mrs. Snape?"