Battling The Elements

by Kathryn A

World Savers Doctor Who / Buffy (100w x 4 400 words) [2009-03-10] Buffy Summers, Tenth Doctor

Just when you think it can't get worse...

Challenge: tthdrabbles #018 - The Elements


The earth shook.

"Watch out!" Buffy said, pulling the Doctor out of the way as a huge chunk of granite detatched itself from the roof of the cavern. The next thing they knew, they were on the floor, protecting their heads with their arms as debris fell around them.

Eventually the shaking stopped. Buffy got to her feet and picked up the torch. She picked her way through the rubble to the cave entrance.

"You're not going to like this," Buffy said. "The entrance is blocked."

"Oh, they'll dig us out eventually," the Doctor said.

"You hope."

"I'm always hopeful."


The dust had settled. The torch seemed bright in the darkness.

"I hope I'm not imagining this," Buffy said, "but does the air feel stuffy to you?"

"I hadn't noticed," the Doctor said. "Respiratory bypass."

"That won't do you any good if the air runs out."

"You have a point," the Doctor said. "Have you any objections to being hypnotized?"

"What?" Buffy said. "You want me to feel better about dying? No thanks!"

"We need to conserve the air. A trance would slow down your breathing," the Doctor said calmly.

"I can do that myself."

"Really?" the Doctor said. "Brilliant!"


Buffy's meditation ended when the earth trembled again.

The Doctor frowned. "It's getting hotter."

"What's that smell?" Buffy said. "Faugh!"

"Sulphur! And where there's sulphur, there's-"

"Lava!" Buffy said, pointing to a red glow in the distance. "We've got to get out of here!"

The Doctor licked his finger and put it into the air. "Do you feel that?"

"Fresh air! The last tremor must have unblocked something."

They scrambled in the direction of the breeze, and soon they saw a faint light, from a crack leading up to daylight above.

"Can you climb?"

"Better fall than fry," Buffy said.


They made it back to the TARDIS, filthy, scratched, bruised, and slightly singed.

"Next time you want to explore some caves," Buffy said, "remind me to say no."

"Even if it's important?" the Doctor said.

"There wasn't a world-saveage exception this time," Buffy said.

She trudged to her room and tossed her jacket over a chair. She turned and froze; that door definitely hadn't been there before. She cautiously opened it. On the other side was a large bathroom, with a spa-bath, fluffy towels and toiletries. She patted the wall. "Thank you."

Five minutes later she was soaking in luxury.