From The Reading Of A Book

by Kathryn A

Sentinel / Doctor Who ( 150 words) [2005-12-16] Blair Sandburg, Seventh Doctor

Blair Sandburg meets a stranger.

Challenge: crossovers100, Doctor Who, "square"

A voice with a soft Scottish accent interrupted Blair's perusal of the bookshelf. "I believe this is the book you're looking for, Mr. Sandburg."

Blair looked up. "Excuse me? Do I know you?"

The man smiled and doffed his hat. "Not exactly."

Then Blair's attention was caught by the book that the man held towards him. Large, heavy, leatherbound, the title glinted in gold leaf on the cover:

The Sentinels of Paraguay
by Richard Burton

"I wasn't looking for this," Blair said, finding himself holding it anyway.

"Nevertheless, it's the book for you," the man said, steering him towards a table.

Blair opened it carefully; it was either a very good facsimile, or an incredibly well-preserved original. He was fascinated in spite of himself. "Amazing."

"It's yours."

"What? It has to be worth--"

"It's yours," the man repeated.

"Thanks," he said. "Why me?"

"I'm interested in the preservation of history."

Title from this quote:

"How many a man has dated a new era in his life from the reading of a book."

-- Henry David Thoreau