On Avon

Cool, logical, pragmatic, strong
Correct and brilliant too
A perfect shot, a careful wit
And an objective view.
That's how you'd like the world to see
The image that is you.
But sometimes tiny things reveal
The image isn't all that's real -
The things you chose to do.

The time you chose to stay - not run
From an uncertain fate:
When logic said, "Why stay? They're dead.
Before it is too late
run. You can manage by yourself.
Don't waste time in debate."
You risked yourself, and them rescued
You'd have been safe in solitude -
Good odds, at any rate!

The time when you were so distressed
That she'd tricked you again;
"The man? But he is dead," she said,
"You were not hard to train."
How many times has liking turned
around and caused you pain?
You buried all the friends you lost
But did you stop and count the cost?
The friendless live in vain.

-- Jenny Hayward

(based on the episodes "Horizon" and "Terminal")