The Great Divide


The Great Divide

(Fan Wars)

If it all comes right in the end
it is an end too far for mortal eyes to see.
For here and now, this is a realm of wickedness
where lies masquerade as truth
and goodness is called evil.
Duplicity marries complicity and breeds,
fed by the seed of malice.
Disguised by a whitewash of smiles
they breathe deception like a fog.
Good deeds are only done to be seen in public
as they spread their poison with private whispers.
Note their accusations to discover their guilt
for they first charge with those crimes
that they themselves commit.

Those that seek power eat corruption.
You give an inch, they take ten miles
and if you dare protest
they merely paint a target on your back
and smile and stab and stab and smile
until your name is mud.
You hope in vain for vindicating truth -
for their exposed corruption
will not redeem your reputation,
merely worsen it;
so deeply has the net of lies been cast.

Nonetheless, wave the flag.
Upon your banner write the motto
"Keep 'em Honest"
and be so.
Beware corruption in yourself
Don't let it plant its root.
Put fear away from you
lest you become its slave.
Fear of being wrong
is a toehold for dishonesty.
Fear of weakness
is a goad to seek power.
Fear of discord
brings unconditional surrender.
Fear of losing
turns you into the enemy
as the goal is lost in the battle
and the weapons taken up in fear
turn you into what you hate.
Stand back
Button your lip, keep them guessing
Listen hard, let your own wheels turn
behind your eyes
as two and two and two make six
and they betray themselves
by what they do.

-- Kathryn A